A Farewell to Guitarist Carl Orr at the 606 Club

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Carl Orr’s Journey in London

Guitarist Carl Orr is preparing to return to his native Australia after nearly three decades residing in London. The 606 Club will host a Farewell Gig on August 22, where Orr will perform with his “dream band”: Laurence Cottle (bass), Tomasz Bura (keyboards), and Francesco Mendolia (drums).

Orr started his musical journey at a young age, initially learning classical guitar. His passion for jazz began when his father took him to a Modern Jazz Quartet concert, which entranced him and sparked a lifelong fascination with the genre.

Moving to the UK to pursue his musical ambitions, Orr found the London music scene initially intimidating but was soon welcomed by other musicians. Encouragement from guitarist Dave Cliff helped him persevere and make a name for himself in the industry.

Working with Billy Cobham

Orr worked with renowned drummer Billy Cobham, best known for his work with Miles Davis and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. This collaboration began when Orr was asked to play with Cobham during a tour in Australia. Orr’s persistence and dedication eventually led him to join Cobham’s band from 1996 until 2000. His time with Cobham expanded his musical range, helped him project onstage, and provided invaluable experience and confidence.

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Composing Original Music

Orr has always been passionate about composing his own music. He built his confidence and experience through daily practice and performing his compositions regularly. His latest album, ‘Bordertown Sunrise’, released in 2022, is a testament to his dedication, featuring a broad range of musical styles recorded during the lockdown.

Listen to ‘Bordertown Sunrise’ on Carl Orr’s Website

Returning to Australia

Though Orr is excited to return to Australia, he will miss many aspects of the UK, including the intelligence, humor, and generosity of the British people, the diversity of London, the abundance of live music and art, and the opportunities he had in the UK that wouldn’t have been possible elsewhere.

The Farewell Gig

Orr’s Farewell Gig at the 606 Club on August 22 will feature his dream band and showcase his original music from start to finish, including several solo acoustic guitar pieces from his latest album. He is grateful for the opportunity to perform at the club and looks forward to giving his audience a memorable experience.

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