A Magical Fusion: Louise Dodds and Elchin Shirinov Duo at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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Two Hours After Midnight: A Captivating Performance

Louise Dodds and Elchin Shirinov captivated their audience at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with their live performance of Two Hours After Midnight. The duo showcased their stunning combination of beautiful vocals and mesmerizing piano arrangements, presenting classic Scottish folk songs in a refreshing new light.

Louise Dodds and Elchin Shirinov: A Rising Partnership

The collaboration between Louise Dodds, a rising star in the UK jazz scene, and Azerbaijani pianist Elchin Shirinov, has resulted in a unique fusion of music. Dodds, who was nominated for Best Vocalist in the Scottish Jazz Awards 2022, has a rich, textured voice that blends wonderfully with Shirinov’s enchanting piano skills.

The idea for Two Hours After Midnight was conceived when Dodds spontaneously sang Robert Burns’ “Ae Fond Kiss” during a conversation with Shirinov in London. The Azerbaijani pianist, intrigued by the similarities between Scottish and Azerbaijani traditional music, proposed a collaboration, leading to the creation of this captivating collection of eight songs.

Celebrating Scottish Heritage

Two Hours After Midnight pays tribute to Scotland’s rich musical heritage, drawing inspiration from the works of renowned poet Robert Burns. Four of the songs in the collection are attributed to Burns, with the remaining tracks closely connected to his social circles. Burns’ influence extends well beyond Scotland’s borders, as he is one of only two poets to have a national day of honor, alongside 14th-century Persian poet Hafez.

The Performance: An Intimate Experience

The live performance at St Vincent’s Chapel provided an intimate and engaging atmosphere for the audience, with Dodds’ precise vocals complemented by Shirinov’s innovative piano arrangements. The set featured all eight songs from the album, opening with a lively rendition of “Coming Through The Rye.” The duo’s synergy was evident throughout the performance, creating an unforgettable and moving musical experience for the audience.

Other highlights included the haunting “Loch Tay Boat Song” and the stirring “Ye Banks and Braes.” The duo also introduced lesser-known tracks such as “Oh True Love Is A Bonnie Flower” and “Lass O’Gowrie,” penned by Carolina Oliphant, also known as Lady Nairn.

Don’t Miss the Encore Performance

If you missed this magical performance, fear not! Louise Dodds and Elchin Shirinov will reprise their captivating Two Hours After Midnight show on Saturday, August 26, 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness their enchanting fusion of Scottish folk songs and mesmerizing musical arrangements.

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