A Night to Remember: Sun Swells at Jazz Hastings

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Sun Swells, a band led by Glaswegian drummer Corrie Dick, delivered a mesmerizing performance at Jazz Hastings, held at the East Hastings Sea Angling Association on The Stade, Hastings, on September 12, 2023.

The Band’s Unique Sound

The Sun Swells band captivated the audience with their unique sound, featuring the enchanting vocals of Swedish singer Rebecka Edlund. Her voice evoked the beauty of nature with bird-like trills and whistles, spoken word, and pure melodic lines.

In addition to Edlund’s captivating vocals, the band showcased the talents of Rob Luft on guitar, Laura Jurd on trumpet, Elliot Galvin on piano, and Calum Gourlay on double bass. Their intricate and creative playing intertwined with Dick’s drumming, creating a series of uplifting sonic moments that delighted the full house.

Corrie Dick and Rebecka Edlund
Rob Luft, Laura Jurd, Elliot Galvin, and Calum Gourlay

A Cohesive Musical Experience

The members of Sun Swells have a strong connection, which may stem from their experiences playing together at renowned institutions like Trinity Laban and the Royal Academy of Music. Their camaraderie was evident as they seamlessly blended their individual talents, creating a harmonious and cohesive musical experience for the audience.

The Venue and Atmosphere

The East Hastings Sea Angling Association at The Stade provided an idyllic setting for Sun Swells’ performance. Its elevated position on the shingle beach, overlooking the English Channel, created the perfect atmosphere for their music, which often referenced the sea, expansive vistas, and natural beauty.

The band’s repertoire, infused with Celtic, Nordic, and African influences, was presented as a unified whole rather than separate tunes. Pieces such as “Sinking,” “Golden Flower,” and “She Speaks” flowed seamlessly together, with only the occasional announcement from Dick to transition between them.

Although Dick’s unamplified voice was somewhat difficult to hear, the band’s captivating soundscapes, accessible grooves, sweeping chord changes, and purposeful vocals more than compensated.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Sun Swells is set to continue their tour, with the following dates confirmed:

  • 23/10/23: Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
  • 24/10/23: TBC, Glasgow
  • 2/11/23: Worcester
  • 16/1/24: Southampton Jazz Club
  • 1/3/24: Crookes Social Club, Sheffield

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