Bill Evans – ‘Treasures: Solo, Trio & Orchestra Recordings from Denmark (1965–1969)’

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Discover the hidden gems in Bill Evans’ previously unissued collection, “Treasures: Solo, Trio & Orchestra Recordings from Denmark (1965–1969).” This release is packed with variety, featuring one solo set, four pure trio performances, and a trio augmented by a symphony orchestra and big band.

A journey through time and various ensemble settings

Experience the magic of Bill Evans’ performances with different bassists, drummers, and even a symphony orchestra. Each musical setting showcases the pianist’s unique ability to adapt, creating dynamic and engaging musical conversations.

Trio performances with legendary musicians

The journey begins with a trio set from the Copenhagen Jazz Festival (October 1965) featuring bassist Niels-Henning Ørsted Pederson and drummer Alan Dawson. The performance showcases Evans’ more extraverted and muscular side. Another trio set, recorded in Holbæk (November 1965), adds drummer Alex Riel to the mix, resulting in a more introspective tone.

Collaborations with orchestras and big bands

A broadcast from Copenhagen (November 1969) sees Evans join forces with bassist Eddie Gomez, drummer Marty Morell, the Royal Danish Symphony Orchestra, and the Danish Radio Big Band, arranged and conducted by Palle Mikkelborg. While the romantic strings may sound dated, the big-band arrangements demonstrate the timeless influence of Gil Evans.

Solo performances and evolving dynamics

An unaccompanied solo set from Bill Evans (Copenhagen, November 1965) showcases the pianist’s ability to masterfully blend introspective ballads with moments of forceful swinging. As you explore further performances with Gomez and Riel or Gomez and Morell, you’ll notice the evolving dynamics of the trio, with bass solos taking center stage and drummers becoming more prominent.

More than just a collection for completists

This release offers a treasure trove of material for not only Bill Evans fans but also anyone interested in the possibilities of the piano trio. Dive into this rich collection and experience the timeless artistry of Bill Evans.

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