Biréli Lagrène (solo) at Kings Place

biréli lagrène solo guitarist

A Night to Remember with a Guitar Prodigy

Biréli Lagrène, a renowned guitarist, performed solo at Kings Place Hall One on 22 July 2023 as part of the International Guitar Foundation’s 2023 Guitar Summit. The talented musician mesmerized the audience with his unique skills, captivating those in attendance with his incredible performance.

Bireli Lagrene

The Solo Guitarist Controversy

Lagrène’s comment that solo guitar wasn’t really his thing caught the audience off guard. Despite releasing a solo guitar album just over a year ago titled “Solo Suites,” the guitarist remained humble and perhaps even a bit apprehensive about his solo performance. With no mention of the album at the concert, it was clear that Lagrène was focused on delivering an unforgettable experience rather than promoting his work.

The Evolution of Biréli Lagrène

While the “Solo Suites” album showcased Lagrène’s ability to create beautiful, tune-based music, his earlier work, like the album “To Bi Or Not To Bi,” demonstrated his rapid thinking and finger-work when performing in front of an audience. Over the years, the guitarist’s career has soared, and he has explored various musical styles, collaborated with numerous acclaimed musicians, and formed dynamic partnerships – such as the two-guitar duo with Martin Taylor.

Bireli Lagrene playing guitar

A Night of Unparalleled Guitar Performance

During his performance at Kings Place, Lagrène demonstrated his mastery of tone, touch, and extended techniques. His unwavering love for bass was evident throughout the show, leaving the audience in awe as he explored various musical styles and allusions. Although some may have wished for more continuity in the performance, there’s no denying that Lagrène remains one of the greatest guitarists, capable of captivating audiences with his exceptional talent.

Upcoming Performances and Links

The International Guitar Foundation’s next jazz event is scheduled for October, featuring a duo performance by Elina Duni and Rob Luft on 22 October. Be sure not to miss it!
For those interested in exploring more of Biréli Lagrène’s music, check out his “Routes to DJango” album here.

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