Blicher Hemmer Gadd: Soul-Jazz Trio Announces Glasgow and Nottingham Dates for September 2023

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The soul-jazz trio Blicher Hemmer Gadd, formed by Danish saxophonist Michael Blicher, Hammond organist Dan Hemmer, and legendary US drummer Steve Gadd, has added a second Glasgow date to their short UK visit in early September 2023. This article previews their performances and shares insights from the musicians themselves.

Glasgow and Nottingham Performances

Steve Gadd, renowned for his memorable contributions to recordings by Chick Corea, Steely Dan, Paul Simon, Bill Withers, and Rickie Lee Jones, will perform with the trio at the Mackintosh Church in Glasgow on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 September. They will then play at the Southbank Bar in Nottingham on Sunday 3 September.

Gadd is scheduled to return to the UK in November for a Ronnie Scott’s residency during the EFG London Jazz Festival, where he will perform with his quintet. These shows offer a more intimate setting to experience Gadd’s talent compared to the larger venues he plays with Eric Clapton and James Taylor.

A Decade-Long Musical Partnership

Saxophonist Michael Blicher met Gadd about ten years ago through an event by the Jazz Danmark organization. The two musicians bonded over their love of soulful music, with Blicher’s influences ranging from Bulgarian folk singing to the folkloric music of Mali, Mississippi, New Orleans, and Cuba. After their meeting, Gadd agreed to tour with Blicher and Hammond organist Dan Hemmer. The trio has since played over fifty concerts worldwide, scheduling their performances around Gadd’s commitments with Clapton and Taylor.

“[Playing with Steve] is a dream come true for Dan and myself,” Blicher says. “Steve loves the directness of the soul-jazz style. It’s bluesy and the Hammond organ gives it a warm sound that appeals to people on a basic, natural level.”

New Album Release: It Will Be Alright

The September gigs coincide with the release of the trio’s fourth album, It Will Be Alright. Much of the album was recorded during their previous tour, capturing the sound they create onstage in their favored club environment. Gadd shares his passion for the music they play, stating, “It’s honest music. No one plays like this anymore.”

For more information on Blicher Hemmer Gadd and their upcoming shows, visit their official website. To book tickets for their Glasgow and Nottingham performances, click here.

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