Danny Jonokuchi Big Band – ‘Voices’

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During the golden days of the swing era, singers and big bands formed a symbiotic and beneficial relationship. In today’s world, putting a jazz singer in front of a big band requires significant financial resources, which is why many jazz vocalists perform with a small trio or even less.

A Rare Opportunity for Emerging Vocal Talent

However, Danny Jonokuchi, a Los Angeles-born artist, is changing the game. Having transplanted to New York City, Jonokuchi’s trumpet has been heard in renowned venues like the Blue Note, Birdland, and Lincoln Center’s Dizzy’s. In his new album, ‘Voices,’ Jonokuchi presents a showcase of New York City’s emerging vocal talent, offering eleven budding artists the chance to perform with a big band – an opportunity usually out of reach due to costs.

A Sampler of Riches

The album features a diverse range of vocalists, such as Alexa Barchini, who showcases her skills on the up-tempo version of “The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)”. Other notable performances include Tahira Clayton’s rendition of “All Of Me” and Nicole Zuraitis’s take on the boppish melody “Social Call.”

Brianna Thomas delivers a courageous performance of the classic “Summertime” from ‘Porgy and Bess,’ fusing dramatic talent with jazz chops. Shenel Johns, drenched in R&B and Gospel, breathes new life into “You Turned The Tables On Me,” while Alita Moses gives a sultry samba-influenced performance on “What A Difference A Day Made.”

Various Vocalists

Diving into Jazz History

Charles Turner’s silky tones on “Blame It On My Youth” take listeners back in time, while Lucy Yeghiazaryan showcases her exceptional technique and expressive performance on “Born to be Blue”. Sirintip gracefully negotiates the seductive rhythm of Sérgio Mendes’s “So Many Stars,” and Martina DaSilva delivers a heartfelt rendition of “All Or Nothing At All.”

Hannah Gill closes the album with Duke Ellington and Mack David’s “I’m Just A Lucky So-And-So,” showcasing her laid-back style and perfect placement of the lyrics behind the beat.

A Showcase of New York’s Newest Voices

In summary, ‘Voices’ is an excellent album that introduces listeners to the newest emerging vocal talents in New York. Beautifully presented and well-recorded, the album offers a rewarding listening experience.

The Danny Jonokuchi Big Band consists of talented musicians such as Andrew Gould, Christopher McBride, and Chris Oatts, to name just a few. Guest vocalists include Alexa Barchini, Tahira Clayton, Nicole Zuraitis, Brianna Thomas, Shenel Johns, Alita Moses, Charles Turner, Lucy Yeghiazaryan, Sirintip, Martina DaSilva, and Hannah Gill.

You can find ‘Voices’ on Outside in Music’s Bandcamp. The album’s release date is August 18th.

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