Dušan Jevtović – ‘City Hustling’: An Album Review

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Discover the Barcelona-based Serbian guitarist Dušan Jevtović and his album City Hustling, which pushes the boundaries of music genres and challenges listeners with its unique sound.

The Trio

Dušan Jevtović is accompanied by American bassist Tony Levin, known for his work with Peter Gabriel and King Crimson, and drummer Marko Djordjevic. Their combined talents create an intriguing musical collaboration that explores various styles and techniques.

The Sound

City Hustling showcases a blend of rock, blues, jazz-fusion, and free improvisation. Jevtović’s guitar tone is distinctively angular, spiky, and at times, almost malevolent. His mid-paced playing style focuses on sustain and cut-through rather than an overwhelming number of notes.

The album’s sound is not for everyone, as it demands effort from the listener to appreciate its complexity. However, it provides an engaging experience for those who are open to being challenged and intrigued by unconventional music.

The Tracks

The album consists of seven tracks that offer a wealth of improvisation built around a convulsive, propulsive idea. Though there is limited tonal variation, the intensity and creativity do not waver throughout the album.

An example is “Searching for New,” where Levin and Djordjevic establish undulating rhythmic landscapes for Jevtović’s guitar to weave in and out of. The track doesn’t provide an easy resolution, constantly shifting and pulsating with energy.

“I Don’t Know How” features a circular bass riff from Levin that drives the track forward, but the melodic destination remains elusive. The trio seems to navigate through the dark, following the gaps that emerge, with Jevtović playing on the edge of discordance.

The Highlights

“Improve” stands out as one of the best tracks on the album. It begins with off-kilter, sustained notes from Jevtović as Levin improvises and explores the fretboard using multiple effects. The drums soon enter, adding a sense of rhythmic spontaneity to the mix.

Discordance, dexterity, and drive are three defining characteristics of City Hustling. Although the album may require multiple listens to fully appreciate its intricacies, it showcases Jevtović’s ambition to experiment and push boundaries.

Release and Availability

City Hustling was released on June 9, 2023, and is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp. Dive into this captivating album and experience the trio’s unconventional musical journey.

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