Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival 2023

edinburgh jazz

Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival takes place at various venues in Edinburgh from 14-23 July 2023, showcasing an eclectic mix of talented musicians from around the world.

A Ten-Day Musical Extravaganza

Over 110 concerts span across ten days, making careful planning essential for attendees to experience as much as possible. The festival highlights the plethora of talent found in Scotland and excels at bringing together new line-ups, allowing musicians to collaborate and create fresh, interesting music.

Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

Standout Performances

Zoe Rahman played two concerts with new combinations of musicians, showcasing her lively, highly rhythmic piano playing. Matt Carmichael collaborated with Norwegian pianist Liv Andrea Hauge and her trio, creating a unique blend of open, impressionistic music. Colin Steele’s reformed Stramash brought a folk flavor to the festival, producing a joyful exuberance from start to finish.

Zoe Rahman Performance

Memorable Moments

Phil Bancroft played a captivating set of standards with his brother Tom Bancroft on drums and Mario Caribe on bass. The Arild Andersen Trio, despite being a man down, delivered thrilling improvisations in a duo format. The Fergus McCreadie Trio held a residency at the Pianodrome, an intimate venue created from recycled pianos, where they recorded their sets for a potential live album.

Phil Bancroft Trio

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Exploring a diverse range of styles and genres, the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival 2023 offers a unique opportunity for music enthusiasts to discover new talent and enjoy unforgettable performances.

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