Essential Tracks by Cecil Taylor: A Journey Through His Musical Legacy

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Explore the captivating world of Cecil Taylor, an iconic pianist and composer whose music transcended the boundaries of traditional jazz. Discover the top ten tracks that showcase his unparalleled talent and creativity.

1. “Duets, Pt.1” from Historic Concerts (1984) with Max Roach

When Max Roach enters with perfect timing, one can’t help but be shaken by the incredible force of forward motion in this performance. Taylor and Roach seem unstoppable, as if they could play together endlessly.

2. “1” from Calling It the 8th (1983)

Starting with two minutes of singing, chanting, and laughter, this track highlights the theatrical and ceremonial aspects of Taylor’s concerts. His stabbing clusters on the piano feel like a natural extension of the group’s collective existence.

3. “Abyss (First Movement)” from Silent Tongues (1975)

This richly composed suite from a live recording at Montreux Jazz Festival demonstrates Taylor’s incredible writing skills and the complexities of his motifs. Time seems to become a physical entity as the music unfolds.

4. Cecil Taylor Unit – Copenhagen 1969

This intense performance by the Cecil Taylor Unit showcases their incredible endurance, as they maintain high energy levels for over 25 minutes. The result is a mesmerizing display of musicians pushing themselves to the limit.

5. “Free Improvisation #3” from Ron Mann’s documentary Imagine the Sound (1981)

In this video available on YouTube, Taylor’s unique voice and compositional mind are on full display as he creates a mesmerizing piece of music for the documentary crew. His extraordinary technique is captivating.

6. “Conquistador” from Conquistador! (1968)

This track finally unlocked Taylor’s writing style for many listeners, featuring long stretches of improvisation combined with a captivating vamp and melody. Like Anthony Braxton, Taylor’s writing is modular, creating a grand organism of sound.

7. “Four” live in Copenhagen with Albert Ayler (1962)

In this recording, both Taylor and Ayler’s distinct musical personalities shine through, creating a sum greater than their individual parts. Their collaboration results in a unique and powerful performance.

8. “Love for Sale” from Love for Sale (1959)

Hearing Taylor approach this standard is a true delight, as he showcases his genius for bringing out the most flamboyant aspects of a tune. His solo is mind-blowing and ahead of its time.

9. Cecil Taylor performing at Ornette Coleman’s memorial (2015)

This haunting and beautiful performance at Ornette Coleman’s memorial is a testament to Taylor’s deep love for music. His tribute is filled with grace, poise, and an understanding of the beauty in all musical textures and colors.

10. Cecil Taylor All the Notes Documentary

While not strictly music, this documentary offers essential insight into Taylor’s life and philosophy. Hearing him speak with such flamboyance and passion about music is as captivating as his playing.

Cecil Taylor’s music, both groundbreaking and timeless, continues to inspire listeners and musicians alike. Dive into the world of this extraordinary pianist and experience the power of his musical legacy.

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