Experiencing Sun Swells: A Night with Corrie Dick and His Band

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Sun Swells, a musical project led by Glasgow-based drummer Corrie Dick, has been making waves in the jazz scene. With a recent performance at the East Hastings Sea Angling Association, the band captured the hearts of the audience with their captivating tunes, vivid soundscapes, and seamless interplay between the musicians.

The Band’s Unique Sound

Sun Swells’ distinctive sound is a result of the combination of individual talents and the synergy between the band members. Featuring the emotive vocals of Swedish singer Rebecka Edlund, the atmospheric guitar of Rob Luft, the expressive trumpet of Laura Jurd, the mesmerizing piano of Elliot Galvin, and the solid foundation of Calum Gourlay’s double bass, the band offers an uplifting and diverse sonic experience.

Drawing upon various musical influences—including Celtic, Nordic, and African elements—their music often conjures images of the sea, expansive landscapes, and natural beauty. With songs like “Sinking,” “Golden Flower,” and “She Speaks,” Sun Swells presents their music as parts of a greater whole, rather than individual pieces.

A Shared Musical Journey

The musicians’ strong connection might be attributed to their shared experiences in esteemed institutions like Trinity Laban and the Royal Academy of Music. This background has fostered a deep understanding among the band members, allowing them to create beautiful music together.

A Night to Remember in Hastings

The East Hastings Sea Angling Association, located at The Stade in Hastings, provides an unforgettable setting for a jazz performance. With its elevated position next to the English Channel and an open balcony overlooking the southern sky, the venue complements the Sun Swells’ music perfectly.

During their performance, Corrie Dick’s occasional announcements were the only interruptions to the seamless flow of music. Although he spoke without a microphone, making it somewhat difficult to hear, the audience was captivated by the band’s soundscapes, grooves, and sweeping chord changes.

The Future of Sun Swells

With an array of upcoming tour dates, Sun Swells is poised to continue enchanting audiences around the UK. Their dedication to creating authentic and deeply felt compositions, combined with their exceptional musical interplay, ensures that their performances will continue to leave a lasting impact on listeners.

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • 3/10/23: Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
  • 24/10/23: tbc, Glasgow
  • 2/11/23: Worcester
  • 16/1/24: Southampton Jazz Club
  • 1/3/24: Crookes Social Club, Sheffield

Additional Resources

For more information about the band and their upcoming shows, check out the following links:

Sun Swells Line-up:

  • Corrie Dick: drums, bandleader, compositions
  • Rebecka Edlund: vocals
  • Elliot Galvin: piano
  • Calum Gourlay: bass
  • Laura Jurd: trumpet
  • Rob Luft: guitar

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