Exploring the Blend of Artificial Intelligence and Jazz in “She Walks”

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Artificial Jazz is a unique ensemble combining the talents of composer Chris Donnelly on piano, lyricist Nicky Schrire on vocals, Blake Li on bass, and André Nguyen on drums. With their recent EP release “She Walks,” this group explores the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of jazz music.

The Creation of “She Walks”

“She Walks” is a four-track EP with a total duration of just under 6 minutes and 30 seconds. The intriguing thing about this release is the mention of Chat GPT, the AI language model known for its ability to generate human-like text, in the press release. The use of AI in the creation process raises questions about the line between human collaboration and artificial intelligence in music production.

The band name “Artificial Jazz” itself suggests that AI might have played a role in the creation of this music, but the extent of that role remains unclear.

Real Humans or AI?

The fusion of AI and human input has been a topic of debate in the music industry for quite some time. From real versus electronic drums to the use of auto-tune or extensive editing in producing tracks, this discussion is not new. However, the unique blend of AI and human musicianship in “She Walks” raises the question of whether the EP is too enjoyable, lively, and fun to be solely created by AI.

Schrire’s narration in all four tracks adds an element of drama, humor, and expressiveness, while the instrumental trio supports the storytelling with captivating musical phrases. The human touch in the music is apparent, even if it’s unclear how much of it was influenced by AI.

Track-by-Track Analysis

  1. She Walks” narrates the story of a woman walking through the snow, the instrumental trio adding depth with jagged musical phrases.
  2. Late Bloomer” is a tale of envy-based horticulture, showcasing Donnelly’s bright, dancing piano.
  3. In “I Put On A Dress,” Schrire tells of putting on a dress to please someone, with a memorable final line.
  4. Hi Terrence” features Schrire reading a message to a stage manager or festival organizer named Terrence, with the instrumental trio accentuating the story.

All four tracks beautifully illustrate the potential for collaboration between humans and AI in creating music that is engaging, expressive, and entertaining.

She Walks on Bandcamp

The Future of Artificial Jazz and AI in Music

As the line between human collaboration and AI in music production continues to blur, the future of projects like Artificial Jazz is undoubtedly exciting. The creative possibilities that arise from combining human artistry with AI-generated ideas have the potential to revolutionize the way we create and experience music.

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