Gărâna Jazz Festival 2023, Romania

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Overview of the Festival

The Gărâna Jazz Festival has reached its 27th edition, taking place in the Romanian Carpathian mountains, south of Timisoara. Started by musicians in a garden, it has grown under the guidance of Marius Giura to feature 19 bands over 5 days in a special festival arena with a capacity for around 3000 daily attendees. Additionally, there are daily morning concerts in the church in Vāliug, showcasing younger Romanian musicians and intimate performances.

Lineup and Performances

The festival primarily features top-quality artists from the European continent. A few notable ECM artists, such as Sinnika Langeland, Marcin Wasilewsi Trio, Oded Tzur, and Anouar Brahem, graced the stage. The festival also showcased a few ACT artists like Marius Neset, David Helbock, and Leszek Możdżer.

The festival has a regular focus on the Nordic region, evident from previous edition posters. This year, the lineup included Per Mathisen, Jan Gunnar Hoff, Rebekka Bakken, Daniel Herskedal, and The Side Effects.


Some standout performances included Leszek Możdżer’s incredible piano improvisations, Oded Tzur’s Quartet with their captivating set based on his latest album, and Paul Zauner’s trio focused on the music of Abdullah Ibrahim.

David Helbock showcased his imaginative prowess with two performances, one featuring his new album “Austrian Syndicate” and another alongside French vocalist Camille Bertault.

Michel Godard led a trio with Nataša Mirković and Luciano Biondini, moving between various instruments and music from the last 500 years. His solo performance on Sunday morning further highlighted his extraordinary talent.

There were also a handful of ‘pure’ singers on the bill, including Nataša Mirković, Rebekka Bakken, Bertault, and Dean Bowman with his 5000-Pound Band.

The festival concluded with Stian Carstensen, Marius Neset, and Thomas Stronen performing as “The Side Effects,” delighting the crowd with their reverent and irreverent approach to music.

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