‘Hard Edges Plus’: New Lunchtime Concert Series in Norwich

improvised music lunchtime concert series

Starting July 28th, Norwich will host a new lunchtime concert series featuring improvised music by the Hard Edges trio, along with special guests Brigitte Beraha, Matthew Bourne, and Neil Metcalfe.

Introducing the Hard Edges Trio

Comprising Dave Amis (trombone), Ben Higham (trumpet, flugelhorn, tuba), and Chris Dowding (trumpet and flugelhorn), the Hard Edges trio is known for its improvisational skills. With over 120 years of combined professional experience, the trio’s members have previously collaborated with well-known artists such as Keith Tippett, Mike Westbrook, John Stevens, and Annie Whitehead, among others.

The Origins of ‘Hard Edges Plus’

The Hard Edges Plus concert series was conceived following the passing of Keith Tippett in 2020. After participating in tributes to the pianist and composer, the trio decided to collaborate with other improvising musicians, leading to the development of the series.

Three concerts are currently scheduled:

  • July 28th: Featuring vocalist and composer Brigitte Beraha
  • September 29th: Showcasing pianist and composer Matthew Bourne
  • November 24th: Joined by flautist Neil Metcalfe

Although the guests have previously played with individual members of the trio, these concerts mark their first performances with the group as a whole.

Improvisation at its Best

Each concert in the Hard Edges Plus series will be fully improvised, ensuring spontaneous music with a unique interplay between the four musicians. The creative process will undoubtedly surprise both the performers and their audience, offering a refreshing way to spend a lunch hour.

Venue and Future Plans

The concerts will be held at the Anteros Arts Foundation’s intimate and relaxed upstairs Music Room, a space that the trio members are familiar with and have chosen for its suitability for minimally-amplified music. Every concert will be recorded for a potential album release, and there are loose plans to expand the Hard Edges Plus collaborations in the future.

Hard Edges Plus Concert Details:

  • Time: 1 pm-2 pm
  • Venue: Anteros Arts Foundation, 11-15 Fye Bridge Street, Norwich


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