Herbie Hancock’s Magnificent Performance at the Barbican

herbie hancock barbican hall

Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock delivered an unforgettable performance at the Barbican Hall on July 28, 2023, the first of two nights. This article aims to share the highlights of that memorable evening.

An All-Star Ensemble

Hancock brought together an impressive lineup of talented musicians for this event. The band consisted of James Genus on bass, Jaylen Petinaud on drums, Lionel Loueke on guitar and vocals, and Terence Blanchard on trumpet. Each of these artists has made their mark in the world of jazz, with Genus having performed with the likes of Bill Evans and the Saturday Night Live Band, and Blanchard being recognized for his movie scores.

James Genus Jaylen Petinaud Lionel Loueke Terence Blanchard

A Night to Remember

From the moment Hancock stepped on stage, he captivated the audience with his warm and engaging presence. The show started with a fascinating overture, with Loueke demonstrating his creativity and skill in both singing and playing. The performance then transitioned into a delightful selection of tunes that showcased the best of Hancock’s repertoire.

One of the highlights of the evening was a rendition of “Footprints,” played as a tribute to Hancock’s friend and colleague Wayne Shorter. Other outstanding moments included a funky performance of “Actual Proof” from the 1974 album Thrust, and “Come Running to Me” from the album Sunlight, in which Hancock introduced the audience to the vocoder device and demonstrated its use during the song.

Throughout the concert, the band members showcased their individual talents and improvisational skills. Genus performed an impressive solo on his 5-string bass using a loop pedal, while Petinaud displayed his incredible drumming prowess. The evening reached its climax with Hancock’s iconic “Chameleon” from the HeadHunters album, featuring Hancock on his keytar. The performance earned multiple standing ovations from the appreciative audience.

Herbie Hancock Keytar

A Message of Humanity and Respect

In addition to the mesmerizing musical performances, Hancock also took a moment to share his thoughts on humanity and the importance of treating one another with respect. It was a poignant reminder of the power of music to bring people together and promote understanding and compassion.

For more information on future events at the Barbican during the EFG London Jazz Festival, follow this link.

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