Introducing Evie Hill and Esk: A Journey Through Music and Nature

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Lake District-born vocalist Evie Hill is teaming up with pianist, producer, and fellow songwriter Ben Lawrence to release their first album, ‘People In Their Simplicity’, on Friday, September 10th. The duo, called Esk, launched their first single, ‘Spirit’, in late July, and its music video, filmed in the scenic Lake District, is out now.

Evie Hill and Esk

The Making of ‘Spirit’ Music Video

The music video for ‘Spirit’ beautifully captures the essence of the Lake District, featuring underwater scenes and breathtaking mountain landscapes. Evie Hill shares that the underwater section was filmed in Lake Windermere, near Waterhead, at a place called Jenkin’s Field – a location close to her heart, where she used to have picnics and swim with her family after school.

The mountain sequence, on the other hand, takes place on Loughrigg, a fell that Evie has been walking up since she was three years old. Evie wanted to create the video on this landscape because of its deep significance to her as a musician, a writer, and a person.

Overcoming Fear through ‘Spirit’

The lyrics of ‘Spirit’ explore the theme of overcoming fear. For Evie, the song is specifically about dealing with creative desires and dreams that seem impossible to achieve. She says that the completion of their album has been a long and challenging journey, filled with doubt and fear both from society and within herself. ‘Spirit’ encourages its listeners to overcome those fears by paying attention to the guiding signs and allowing their deepest desires to lead their creative practice and life.

The Story Behind the Name ‘Esk’

The name ‘Esk’ holds a double meaning for the duo – Eskdale, an area in the west Lakes, represents a sense of peace for Evie. Additionally, the name pays homage to the artists that have influenced their work, such as Moonchild, J Dilla, Bon Iver, and D’Angelo. Their music is akin to these artists’ work, which is often described as ‘esque’.

Evie Hill and Ben Lawrence

The Duo’s Musical Influences and Palette

Esk’s music is a combination of many genres, heavily influenced by Black American Music. They draw inspiration from artists like D’Angelo, as well as alternative folk and modern jazz. Their wide palette of sounds stems from their subconscious synthesis of various musical influences when creating in the same room.

From English Literature to Jazz

Evie completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature at Durham University and is now pursuing a Masters in Jazz at Guildhall. She has always loved reading and critical thinking but has been passionate about music from a young age. Her gateway into jazz was through listening to artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson, Julie London, and Jazzmeia Horn, among others.

Live Performance vs. Recording and Producing

When asked about their preferences between live performance and recording or producing, Evie and Ben seem to lean towards opposite sides. Ben prefers the process of writing and producing, while Evie enjoys the energy and connection found in live performances.

Esk Live Performance

Album Launch and Gig

Esk is excited to announce their album launch gig at Jazz@PizzaExpress Holborn on Sunday, September 10th. This event will mark the first time the album is played live to an audience, promising a special and unforgettable night for everyone attending.

Buy tickets for the launch gig here!
Listen to ‘People In Their Simplicity’ on Bandcamp

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