Jazzfest Passau 2023, Germany: A Celebration of Musical Talent

jazzfest passau music festival

Jazzfest Passau is an annual festival held in the beautiful city of Passau, known as The City of Three Rivers, located at the confluence of the Inn, the Danube, and the Ilz. In 2023, the festival takes place from August 8th to 9th and features an array of talented artists.

Unique Lineups and Unexpected Sounds

One of the highlights of Jazzfest Passau is the opportunity to listen to new and innovative music from various ensembles. Austrian jazz bands often present unique lineups, leading to unexpected musical journeys. One such band is Blueblut, led by drummer Mark Holub, best known for his work with Led Bib.

Captivating Performances by Blueblut

The members of Blueblut include theremin player Pamelia Stickney, guitarist Chris Janka, and drummer Mark Holub. Pamelia Stickney’s exceptional talent on the theremin sets the stage for a fascinating performance. Her minimal hand movements create a variety of sounds, ranging from guitar-like tones to deep bass notes.

Guitarist Chris Janka adds a distinct touch to the music with his use of samples and unconventional sounds. Janka’s exploration of artificial intelligence robots as improvisational partners promises even more surprises for the audience in the future.

A Trip Back in Time with Bohemia After Dark

Another notable band performing at Jazzfest Passau 2023 is Prague-based Bohemia After Dark (BaD). Led by English expat drummer Ben Hague, the band includes alto player Andy Schofield, a former member of Nick Purnell’s Creative Jazz Orchestra. BaD’s repertoire takes listeners on a journey through the bebop era, with tunes by legends such as Parker, Monk, Gillespie, and Dameron.

Czech pianist Stanislav Macha, known for his captivating solos and impish grin, adds another layer of enjoyment to the band’s performances.

Carol Alston’s Gospel of the Blues

Singer Carol Alston, a Vienna-based artist, brings a lively show of gospel tunes and spirituals to Jazzfest Passau. Her flawless technique, honed through years of experience performing at Vienna’s Volksoper, captivates the audience.

Alston’s band includes trombonist Paul Zauner, drummer Oliver Kent, and Jan Korinek on the Hammond organ. Korinek not only showcases his exceptional talent on the organ but also serves as the artistic programmer for the entire festival.

A Festival Worth Visiting

Jazzfest Passau offers free admission to all gigs, making it an attractive event for music lovers. With its mix of well-established artists and up-and-coming bands, the festival promises a memorable experience for all who attend.

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