Johanna Burnheart at Detect Classic Festival 2023

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A Unique Festival Experience

“The space is completely different, the community feeling is really special. It’s an adult playground. Everything is incredibly artistic and so much fun,” describes Johanna Burnheart about the Detect Classic Festival. Taking place from 11 to 13 August at Schloss Bröllin, an 800-year-old estate an hour north-east of Berlin, the festival promises to “blur the boundaries between club and concert hall” with an eclectic mix of genres and media. Over 60 international acts will perform during the weekend, including London-based German violinist and composer Johanna Burnheart, who will present her electronic-jazz fusion tracks in an ambitious solo set.

Johanna Burnheart

Blending Genres and Influences

Johanna Burnheart’s unique style emerged from the interaction between various influences: the techno scene in her hometown, Berlin, her experience on the jazz scene in London and across Europe, and her classical training. Critics often label her as electronic, but Burnheart explains, “my music is a fusion of so many different styles. My compositions are much more jazz-rooted, and the grooves I use are definitely techno-inspired.”

Detect Classic Festival

The Detect Classic Festival Atmosphere

Burnheart is no stranger to the festival, having performed last year with German producer and electronic artist Christian Löffler. The festival plays an active role in forming groups under the banner of “Detect Ensemble,” which contributes to its unique atmosphere and strength. This year, Burnheart will play a solo set in the estate’s atmospheric grounds, featuring unreleased music and tracks from her debut album and techno remixes album, “Burnheart Remixed.”

A Diverse Line-up

This year’s Detect Classic Festival will showcase jazz, classical, and ambient electronic music, as well as contemporary and avant-garde performances, audiovisual displays, performance art, and dance. Workshops and talks on various topics, such as tantric yoga and silent expression, will complement the performances.

Jazz highlights include Leipzig-based contemporary jazz band WELTEN and Berlin-based singer-songwriter SOPHE. Classical musicians like lutenist David Bergmüller and pianist Frank Dupree will explore new horizons, while electronic performances by Jonathan Kaspar and Fantastic Twins promise an exciting experience.

Experimental artists like Guatemalan cellist and composer Mabe Fratti and Berlin-based trio Mitsune will showcase their unique musical styles. The festival is a celebration of difference, allowing artists and audiences to discover new ways to use and understand space and sound.

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