Jonny Liebeck: A Musical Multitasker’s Journey to ‘The Next Chapter’

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A Multi-Talented Musician

Jonny Liebeck, a rare talent who is a church organist, classical pianist, jazz musician, accompanist, and DJ, is set to launch his new album ‘The Next Chapter’ at Grow, Hackney on August 9th. This unique musician has an incredibly diverse range of influences, spanning from classical composers like Bach to modern genres like Drum and Bass.

Jonny Liebeck

Expanding Musical Horizons

In the years following the release of his 2020 album, Mellow Mind, Liebeck further developed his skills in electronic music and DJing. He explored various genres such as deep house, jungle, and drum and bass, and also produced his own electronic dance music. During this time, he also took a break from jazz gigs to focus on playing the church organ and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival alongside his mother, soprano Ann Liebeck.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Creating ‘The Next Chapter’

Feeling inspired to write new tracks for his jazz band, Liebeck recorded five solo piano pieces for ‘The Next Chapter’ in addition to re-recording some tracks with his bandmates from Mellow Mind: guitarist Boris Latinov, bassist Tom Mason, and drummer Andrew McLean. The album reflects both personal and musical growth, with the title suggesting change and moving on to something new.

Boris Latinov, Tom Mason, and Andrew McLean

A Tribute to Family and Musical Influences

One of the tracks, “Grandad’s Wisdom,” pays tribute to Liebeck’s grandfather and features a recording of him talking with his family about recovering from a stroke. The album also showcases Liebeck’s diverse musical influences, with tracks like “Creative Territory” and “Old Soul” harking back to jazz-funk artists such as George Duke, George Benson, and Jeff Lorber.

Grandad and Jonny Liebeck

Composing and Accompanying

When writing music, Liebeck uses Logic Pro software to create piano, bass, guitar sounds, and drum grooves. He often starts with a keyboard melody, adds bass and guitar lines, and then creates a general groove for the drummer. The final result allows the band members to have the freedom to express themselves during solos and live performances.

Logic Pro Software

As an accompanist, Liebeck takes on a different role, reading music and following singers closely. He continues to play for weekly church services in Peckham, works with the London Youth Choirs, and collaborates with his mother.

Exciting Plans Ahead

Following the launch of ‘The Next Chapter,’ Liebeck has several projects in the works. He is planning more gigs to promote the album, working on a DJ collective focusing on jungle music, and potentially securing a residency. Jonny Liebeck is a musician who is always eager to expand his influences and push his musical boundaries.

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