Jonny Liebeck: The Next Chapter – Album Launch and Musical Journey

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A Multifaceted Musician

Jonny Liebeck is a rare breed of musician who seamlessly blends the roles of church organist, classical pianist, jazz musician, accompanist, and DJ. With influences ranging from Bach to drum and bass, Liebeck is set to launch his new album, “The Next Chapter,” at Grow in Hackney on August 9th.

Expanding Musical Horizons

In a recent interview (source), Liebeck opened up about his musical journey since his last album, “Mellow Mind,” was released in 2020. Since then, he has continued to explore electronic music, DJing with vinyl records, and producing his own electronic dance music. Additionally, he has returned to his classical roots, playing the church organ and performing with his mother, soprano Ann Liebeck, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Ann Liebeck

Creating The Next Chapter

During this time, Liebeck also wrote and recorded “The Next Chapter,” an album that signifies change and growth in his life. The album title represents the end of a family era, with the passing of his grandparents, as well as new beginnings with his partner. Musically, it encompasses a variety of styles, from jazz-funk to emotive, film soundtrack-inspired pieces.

Album Cover

Composing with Technology

Liebeck utilizes Logic Pro software to create piano, bass, and guitar sounds along with drum grooves while composing. This allows him to craft tracks that give each band member the freedom to develop their solos and take the music in their own direction. “Jungle Prayer,” a track from the album, is a prime example of this approach, combining jazz structure with a club DJ-style produced jungle track.

Logic Pro

The Art of Accompaniment

Accompanying other musicians is another skill Liebeck possesses, requiring a different mindset from that of a bandleader. He plays for church services weekly, serves as an accompanist for the London Youth Choirs, and works with his mother in this role as well. Leading a band, however, requires a focus on the overall sound and maintaining cohesion throughout a performance.

Future Plans

After the album launch, Liebeck has exciting plans in store, including more gigs to promote “The Next Chapter” and a potential residency with his newly-formed DJ collective, focusing on jungle music. As a musician who continually seeks to broaden his influences and push musical boundaries, Liebeck’s work remains a captivating fusion of genres and styles.

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