Jonny Liebeck’s New Album: ‘The Next Chapter’

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A Unique Blend of Musical Influences

Jonny Liebeck is a rare breed of musician, combining the skills of a church organist, classical pianist, jazz musician, accompanist, and DJ into one impressive package. With the upcoming release of his new album, ‘The Next Chapter,’ Jonny shares his journey through various musical styles and inspirations, from Bach to drum and bass.

Expanding Horizons

Since his last interview with LJN in 2020, Jonny has been exploring new musical realms. He’s delved into electronic music, learning to mix as a DJ, and experimented with deep house, jungle, and drum and bass. His recent work also includes a return to classical music and playing the church organ.

In addition to his solo pursuits, Jonny has been collaborating with his band, featuring guitarist Boris Latinov, bassist Tom Mason, and drummer Andrew McLean. This talented group has accompanied Jonny on his musical journey, appearing on his previous album ‘Mellow Mind.’

The Creation of ‘The Next Chapter’

Jonny found inspiration to write new tracks for his band, culminating in the creation of ‘The Next Chapter.’ The album’s title signifies a shift in Jonny’s life, both personally and musically. At 32, he’s experienced significant changes, such as the passing of his grandparents and moving in with his partner.

Musically, Jonny incorporates influences from his electronic and jazz-funk interests, creating an album that showcases his growth as an artist. Tracks like “Intro” and “Outro,” for example, reflect his affinity for emotive and minimalist film soundtrack music.

Paying Tribute to Family and Influences

Jonny uses tracks like “Grandad’s Wisdom” to pay homage to his grandfather, who played a significant role in his development as a musician. The song even features a recording of his grandfather discussing his recovery from a stroke.

As for his composing process, Jonny employs Logic Pro software to create various instrument sounds and drum grooves. He then adapts these compositions for his band, giving them the freedom to add their unique flair to the tracks. One standout example is “Jungle Prayer,” a fusion of jazz and jungle music.

The Multifaceted Role of an Accompanist

In addition to leading his band, Jonny serves as an accompanist for various ensembles and musicians, including the London Youth Choirs and his mother, soprano Ann Liebeck. This role requires a different mindset, focusing on reading music and following the singers rather than directing the overall sound.

Looking Forward

With the album launch set for August 9th at Grow in Hackney, Jonny has plenty of exciting plans for the future. He’s eager to promote ‘The Next Chapter’ with more performances and is also starting a DJ collective focused on jungle music.

As he continues to push his musical boundaries and blend diverse influences, Jonny Liebeck’s ‘The Next Chapter’ promises to be a captivating journey for listeners.

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