Michael Parkinson (1935-2023): A Tribute by Laurie Holloway

michael parkinson laurie holloway

This article delves into the deep bond between pianist and composer Laurie Holloway and legendary British television presenter Michael Parkinson, highlighting the impact of their friendship on both their personal lives and the world of British music.

The Beginnings of a Lifelong Friendship

Laurie Holloway first crossed paths with Michael Parkinson at his house in Bray, Berkshire. Parkinson and his wife, Mary, resided in Windsor at the time. Upon visiting Holloway’s home, Parkinson took a liking to the Fisheries area and asked Holloway to keep an eye out for any available properties within the vicinity.

Eventually, Holloway introduced Parkinson to a woman who was moving away from the area, and this interaction led to Parkinson purchasing a property on Fishery road. Not only did the two become neighbors, but they also bonded over their shared interest in local pubs and village life.

A Shared Love for Golf and Music

Interestingly, Michael Parkinson was once the president of the anti-golf association. However, Holloway managed to persuade him to join Temple Golf Club, where he became an avid golfer and honed his skills over time.

Their friendship took an even more significant turn when Parkinson approached Holloway with an offer to become the musical director for his talk show. Although Holloway had to decline the opportunity due to prior commitments with Engelbert Humperdinck, the two remained close friends. A few years later, when Parkinson was set to launch another series of his talk show, Holloway was able to accept the role, and they went on to create history together. Holloway eventually became Parkinson’s musical director for the rest of his career.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

Over the years, their friendship continued to evolve. They lunched together regularly, and Holloway even became a patron of the local cricket club, thanks to Michael Parkinson’s presidency. Although they weren’t constantly in each other’s company, they maintained a strong connection and enjoyed their time spent together.

In the days leading up to Parkinson’s passing, Holloway noticed that his dear friend’s health was deteriorating. Despite these challenging circumstances, the memories of their friendship remain strong and cherished. As Holloway poignantly mentions, “RIP my friend. We will have many more memories together and lunches.”

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