Mirko Pedrotti Quintet: A Dive into “FLAM”

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Discover the unique and captivating sounds of the Mirko Pedrotti Quintet in their latest album, “FLAM.”

Background of the Mirko Pedrotti Quintet

This talented ensemble is led by Mirko Pedrotti on vibraphone and composition. Pedrotti, born in 1983, is well-versed in classical, jazz, and modern music. He formed the quintet in 2013, assembling a diverse group of musicians with varied backgrounds that greatly influence their sound.

Quintet Members

  • Lorenzo Sighel: An Italian saxophone player, band leader, and rapper who blends jazz, funk, and hip-hop in his style.
  • Luca Olzer: A jazz pianist who graduated in 2013 and also professionally crafts string instruments like violins, violas, and cellos.
  • Michele Bazzanella: A bass player, DJ, and composer of music for dance, known for his involvement with the band Les Jeux Sont Funk.
  • Matteo Giordani: A drummer who has collaborated with various fine musicians, though little else is known about him.

Exploring the Album “FLAM”

With each musician’s unique background, the quintet’s music frequently shifts between styles. “FLAM,” the album’s title, refers to a grace note or acciaccatura used by percussionists, hinting at the album’s rhythmic focus.

Opening Track

The album begins with the vibraphone setting a pleasant riff, utilizing the “flam” technique. Soon, the rest of the band joins, establishing a solid rock rhythm and allowing the keyboard to provide a backdrop for an impressive vibes solo. The track then slows down for a brief, calming saxophone interlude before returning to the initial riff.

Album Finale: A Two-Part Suite

The album’s closing suite showcases Pedrotti’s classical background. Part 1 features a minimalist approach, with both the vibraphone and keyboard taking center stage. Part 2 offers more complexity, opening with an intricate counterpoint between the keyboard and vibes.

Highlight: “Rogue One”

“Rogue One” stands out for its playful nature. Loosely based on the famous Star Wars theme and accompanied by a powerful drum and bass rhythm, this track incorporates electronic elements. Sighel’s saxophone solo is followed by a baroque-like counterpoint section, before returning to the rock rhythm, leaving listeners with the sense that the force is indeed with them.

Further Listening

For those interested in exploring more European jazz, Peter Slavid broadcasts a program at mixcloud.com/ukjazz and various internet stations.

To listen to “FLAM” by the Mirko Pedrotti Quintet, check out FLAM at Nusica.com.

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