Mondays With Morgan: The Rodriguez Brothers (new album “Reunited: Live at Dizzy’s Club”)

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Mondays With Morgan is a column in LondonJazz News written by Morgan Enos, a music journalist based in Hackensack, New Jersey. Therein, he dives deep into the jazz that moves him – his main focus being the scene in nearby New York City.

The Rodriguez Brothers: A Musical Journey

This week, Enos interviewed trumpeter Mike Rodriguez and pianist Rob Rodriguez, who together form the Rodriguez Brothers. Their latest album, “Reunited: Live at Dizzy’s Club” was recorded at the venue of Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Rodriguez Brothers

For the past 20 years, the Rodriguez Brothers have been dedicated to delivering highly enjoyable straight-ahead jazz. Additionally, their music incorporates a wide range of Latin jazz rhythms, drawing from the Afro-Cuban diaspora and various Latin American styles.

Reunited: A Celebration of Two Decades

The new live album, Reunited, released on their joint RodBros label, is a testament to the brothers’ heart and musical journey. Instead of moving forward with new material, Mike and Rob Rodriguez chose to revisit their shared history.

The album features selected works from their previous records, showcasing their two decades of output while hinting at future collaborations. In an interview with LondonJazz News, the brothers discussed the making of Reunited and the personal blend of straight-ahead jazz with the sounds of the Latin American diaspora.

The New York Jazz Scene: Then and Now

The New York jazz scene has gone through significant changes since the Rodriguez Brothers arrived in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Clubs like the Zinc Bar were open all night, attracting musicians, actors, and celebrities. The brothers, along with other young musicians, faced the challenges of a changing industry due to the decline of CD sales and the rise of digital streaming.

In response, they embraced a self-production and entrepreneurial approach, establishing their own label, RodBros Music. They sold CDs directly to stores and built a grassroots following.

A Blend of Cultural Influences

The Rodriguez Brothers’ music draws from their Ecuadorian heritage and a love for rhythms from around the world. For instance, their song “Guayaquil” is influenced by the cumbia rhythm from Colombia, popular in Ecuador, and incorporates Cuban elements. The brothers’ exposure to various musical styles and rhythms started with their father, a drummer, and has continued through their careers.

Accomplished Collaborators

The musicians who accompanied the Rodriguez Brothers on Reunited are all accomplished artists with whom they have played for many years. Among them are drummer Adam Cruz, bassist Ricardo Rodriguez, and percussionist Anthony Almonte.

Future Outlook

With Reunited released, the Rodriguez Brothers hope to perform live and bring their music to audiences worldwide. As for another record, they are open to the possibility but remain focused on sharing their current music and engaging with their fans.


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