Moonlight Drive: A Unique Saxophone Trio Experience

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A saxophone trio album must possess a certain level of uniqueness to distinguish itself from the myriad of existing releases. The saxophonist, supported by only bass and drums, must showcase their skills while acknowledging the contributions of past masters. This Danish trio comprised of Jakob Dinesen (sax), Anders Christensen (bass), and Laust Sonne (drums) does just that, creating a remarkable addition to the saxophone trio genre.

A Follow-up to a Lockdown Session

This album is a sequel to a 2020 recording created during lockdown. The three old friends came together to play tunes like Charlie Haden’s Sandino, Eddie Harris’ Freedom Jazz Dance, and a few original compositions. The new album features compositions from each musician, providing ample room for all of them to shine.

Jakob Dinesen’s Saxophone Mastery

Dinesen’s saxophone performance is the focal point, as he handles the majority of theme statements and solos. He demonstrates a talent for soft ballads, but also employs a more assertive sound when necessary. Dinesen can deliver rapid note flurries, as showcased on the uptempo track Blue Ace, but mainly focuses on the quality of the horn’s sound on slower pieces.

Reflective Atmosphere with Contributions from Christensen and Sonne

The album’s mood is meditative, as it leans more toward thoughtful development rather than impassioned outbursts. Bassist Christensen, known for his 2009 leader session, Dear Someone, featuring Aaron Parks and Paul Motian, effectively deepens the mood. Drummer Sonne, meanwhile, serves as an example of taste and restraint.

Listeners can find numerous reference points in the album, with shades of Rollins, Joe Henderson, Joe Lovano, and Andy Sheppard appearing throughout. Dinesen even delivers a convincing Ornette Coleman-style solo on the freebop-inspired title track Moonlight Drive, which starts with a dreamy unison of tenor and alto saxophones before increasing in pace when Sonne returns to the drum set.

A Distinctive and Pleasing Album

Moonlight Drive offers a personal and distinctive experience that remains consistently interesting. While it might not be revolutionary, it’s undoubtedly an enjoyable listening experience. Those who have yet to discover Dinesen’s talents will be glad to have encountered his work.

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