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Introducing a new series called “Mothers In Jazz,” vocalist Nicky Schrire aims to provide valuable resources for jazz musicians who are parents. This initiative offers insights, experiences, and advice on how to balance parenthood and a career in the jazz industry.

Spotlight on Laila Biali

Laila Biali, a multi-award winning Canadian singer-songwriter, pianist, and CBC Music national radio host, is known for her incredible performances at venues like New York City’s Carnegie Hall and Beijing’s National Centre for the Performing Arts. She is returning to jazz standards with her new album “Your Requests,” which will be released on ACT Music on 26 May 2023. Laila lives in Toronto with her husband, drummer/producer Ben Wittman, and their 12-year-old son, Josh.

Laila Biali

In an interview with LondonJazz News, Laila discussed her experiences and offered her insights on balancing motherhood and a career in the industry.

Balancing Motherhood and Career

Laila shared the best advice she received: doing what you love, even if that means spending some time away from your child, can make you a better mother. Practicing open communication with your partner and child is also crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Keeping routines flexible and involving your child in decision-making can empower them and help them feel included.

Learning Through Experience

Laila wished she had been encouraged earlier to invest more time in her son’s upbringing, as she believed it would have yielded significant benefits in the long run. Now, she and her husband are working to make changes to avoid similar regrets in the future.

Traveling and Gigging with Children

Laila recommends establishing a portable wind-down routine for children, such as using a white-noise box during bedtime. It’s essential to keep children occupied while traveling – bringing along toys, books, and even a small instrument can help. When performing, arranging childcare with a trusted person or on-site caregiver can be helpful.

The Impact of Parenthood on Careers

Parenthood has added depth and meaning to Laila’s career. Balancing professional ambitions and family life has led her to make better decisions and prioritize her time and energy. Regularly revisiting priorities and setting boundaries ensures a healthy balance between her career and family life.

Setting Boundaries as a Mother in Jazz

For Laila, setting boundaries includes limiting pre- and post-show interactions to ensure she can focus on delivering strong performances and taking care of her family. Prioritizing her career, her son’s well-being, and self-care helps her maintain a balance between her personal and professional life.

Upcoming Album and Tour Dates

Laila Biali’s new album, “Your Requests,” will be out on ACT Music on 26 May 2023. For a list of her upcoming tour dates and locations, visit her artist website.

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