New Fortnightly Gig: ‘Jazz Mondays’ at the Fox in N13

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Pianist and educator Simon Purcell has recently started “Jazz Mondays”, a new Monday night gig featuring top jazz players at the Fox in Palmers Green. The event has been successful so far, and Simon is a proactive supporter of “Fair Trade Music.”

The Beginning of Jazz Mondays

Simon approached the Fox to set up Jazz Mondays out of frustration with the lack of opportunities for jazz musicians. The Fox, which has a community focus and hosts events nearly every night, agreed to accommodate a pilot programme consisting of four gigs. The initiative aims to create performance opportunities and serve an audience of both new and committed jazz fans, helping to contribute to the cultural ecology.

Building a Local Audience

The gigs have been attracting a good-sized audience. The Fox has a room that is just the right size for a Monday night – not too big, not too small. The Jazz Mondays team is working to generate local interest and expectation for high-quality yet affordable jazz by offering discounts on food and starting earlier than most jazz venues. They are also engaging with the local business community through free advertising on their media and proactively contacting local news sources.

What is Kaiyo Jazz?

KAIYO is a duo and trio project involving bass player Amy Baldwin and drummer Jon Scott. The project is developing as a host for community jazz projects. If the Jazz Mondays continues, the team plans to liaise with local music departments and community groups and potentially set up a community jazz workshop.

The Connection to FairTrade Music

FairTrade Music is an initiative that advocates for ethical alternatives in the music economy. Like ethical alternatives for food, clothes, and electrical goods, FairTrade Music aims to promote a change in attitudes and values in the music industry. The organization supports artists by encouraging the purchase of their products directly and campaigning for better revenue distribution. Jazz Mondays is using the gig to engage in informal discussion and spread information about constructive solutions in the music economy.

The Future of Jazz Mondays

The primary ambition for Jazz Mondays at the Fox is to make it sustainable by focusing on community engagement, programming, and collaboration with local music services and jazz musicians in North London.

Forthcoming Dates:

  • July 3rd: Malcolm Earle-Smith
  • July 17th: Dave O’Higgins

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