Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music: A Celebration of Eclectic Performances

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The Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music is an event featuring a variety of concerts held at multiple local venues from 22 September to 8 October. This festival is a testament to the thriving jazz scene, as it showcases both traditional and experimental performances while expanding its reach to new venues.

A Flourishing Festival

Since its inception in 2017, the Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music has been expanding and refining its focus on jazz and improvised music. This year, the festival is taking place not only in the Newcastle City Centre but also in the Jesmond suburb, spanning two extended weekends with new venues joining the lineup.

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A Diverse Musical Experience

The festival kicks off on 22nd September with a unique performance composed by Paul Taylor on the 25 bells of the Edith Adamson Carillon. The event continues through the two subsequent weekends until the final concert on 8th October.

Throughout the festival, attendees can enjoy an eclectic mix of music, including performances from North-East regulars like John Pope, Faye McCalman, and Zoe Gilby. The event also features blockbuster performances by Ubunye and the critically acclaimed Zoe Rahman Band. Several experimental projects will be showcased, including a performance by Japanese artist Rie Nakajima, who will be playing objects and toys. The festival will also host a variety of British improvisers and three exceptional European groups rarely seen in the UK.

A total of twenty-one concerts across six venues make the Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music a significant milestone in the jazz festival calendar.

Featured Performers

  • Three Tsuru Origami
  • Paul Edis with Graeme Wilson
  • Zoe Rahman Band
  • John Pope Quintet
  • Late Girl
  • Shapeshifters
  • Sarah Gail Brand / Cath Roberts / Andy Champion / Mark Sanders
  • David Birchall / Thomas Dixon / John Pope
  • Alcyona Mick
  • Balo
  • Moonfish
  • Semay Wu
  • Mimam
  • Maja Bugge with Sarah Niccols
  • Olivia Moore with Adam Fairhall
  • Rie Nakajima
  • Samuel Blaser Trio
  • Laura Toxværd with Jeppe Zeeberg
  • Atzi Muramatsu and Fritz Welch
  • Ubunye
  • Zoë Gilby Quintet with Tony Kofi

Experience an unforgettable celebration of jazz and improvised music at the Newcastle Festival, and immerse yourself in the diverse and innovative performances that define the event.

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