Northern Line Showcase at the 2023 Manchester Jazz Festival

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Exploring Jazz North’s Northern Line Programme

Jazz North’s Northern Line programme has been supporting and developing northern artists since 2012. With a diverse range of alumni, including Zoe Gilby, John Pope, Archipelago, J Frisco, and Lara Jones, the programme is known for pushing boundaries and not catering solely to jazz purists. The 2023 lineup features a wide array of music styles, with acts like jazz-punk group Maruja, dark techno artist Nat Sharp, and urban soul performers Amique & The Ecstasy, DAYZY, and The KTNA.

A Sunny Afternoon at the Manchester Jazz Festival

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the Northern Line showcase took place during the opening weekend of the Manchester Jazz Festival. The atmosphere was perfect for the diverse and talented musicians to perform their unique styles, captivating the warm and enthusiastic audience.

Amique & The Ecstasy: Soulful Synthesis

Amique & The Ecstasy delivered a confident blend of funky soul jazz, drawing inspiration from the likes of Donny Hathaway. Their track “Light On” showcased the soulful vocals of singer Amique with a catchy refrain, backed by a skillful six-piece band.

DAYZY: Mellow Urban RnB

DAYZY brought a soft and relaxed style to the stage, blending smooth RnB with hip-hop influences. The audience joined in with the catchy call and response of “Black boy remedy!”, while his track “Expectations” featured an engaging electronic female vocal sample.

The KTNA: Edgy Urban Soul

Kenyan-born twin sisters The KTNA represented North Manchester with their powerful and unapologetic urban soul sound. Dressed in black PVC and cowgirl hats, their performance was filled with attitude and memorable lyrics. The sisters were backed by a trio of instrumentalists, creating a rock-infused energy.

Nat Sharp: Dark Techno and Sound Art

Nat Sharp’s solo set of dark techno and sound art contrasted the sunny day with its intense and heavy atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from post-punk bands like Joy Division, the performance explored the darker side of electronic music. A new track displayed a more personal and musical direction, reminiscent of The XX.

A Decade of Diverse Talent

The 2023 Northern Line showcase was a testament to the diverse and talented musicians that have emerged from the Jazz North programme over the past decade. Regardless of personal opinions on what constitutes jazz, the event brought together a variety of artists, styles, and backgrounds, creating a unifying experience for all attendees.

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