Stacey Kent Trio’s Triumphant Homecoming at FIJM 2023

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A Night to Remember with the Stacey Kent Trio

On July 1, 2023, the Stacey Kent Trio, featuring Jim Tomlinson and Art Hirahara, graced the stage of Theatre Maisonneuve for an unforgettable performance. This marked the ninth appearance of Stacey Kent at the highly esteemed Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (FIJM), making it a special homecoming event.

Stacey Kent Trio

Honouring Stacey Kent with the Prix Ella Fitzgerald

Before the concert began, Stacey Kent was presented with the prestigious Prix Ella Fitzgerald by festival co-founder, Alain Simard. The FIJM had previously described this concert as a homecoming for Kent, and the award only added to the significance of the evening. Stacey Kent’s breakthrough with the Montreal audience was largely attributed to her 2010 album, “Raconte-Moi,” featuring her most-streamed track, a French rendition of Jobim’s “Waters of March.” With over 2 million album sales and 400 million streams, Kent has become a global sensation in the world of jazz.

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A Night Filled with Music and Emotion

In this final performance of her current touring season, Stacey Kent announced that she will have a new album out in time for her next tour in October. Throughout the concert, the audience was captivated by her hushed and slow renditions of classics such as Jacques Brel’s “Ne Me Quitte Pas” (in English) and Leo Ferre’s “Avec Le Temps.” Pianist Art Hirahara provided a classy backdrop to Kent’s vocals with his mesmerizing piano excursions, such as his rendition of “Blackbird.”

Art Hirahara

Expanding the Repertoire with New Collaborations

Alongside the timeless French and Brazilian songs, Stacey Kent’s repertoire has expanded with new collaborations between Jim Tomlinson and acclaimed novelist Kazuo Ishiguro. Songs like “Tango in Macau” and “Bonita” explore themes of relationships and uncertainty, while “I Wish I Could Go Traveling” reflects on the impact of the pandemic on our lives. The true test lies in whether other singers will choose to take on these songs and give them wider currency.

Jim Tomlinson

Celebrating the Connection with Montreal

Throughout the night, Stacey Kent expressed her pride and intense emotion about performing in Montreal. As the audience reciprocated her feelings with several standing ovations, it was clear that they were equally pleased to welcome her back to the city that has embraced her music so warmly.

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