Suedtirol Jazz Festival 2023: A Musical Adventure (Part 1 of 3)

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Discover the highlights and unique experiences of the 2023 Suedtirol Jazz Festival’s first weekend.

A New Era Begins

The Suedtirol Jazz Festival embarked on a new journey with its first weekend, under the guidance of joint festival directors Max von Pretz, Stefan Festini-Cusco, and Roberto Tubaro. Their vision for the festival is to encourage audiences to embrace new and unfamiliar musicians, fostering a spirit of adventure in the beautiful settings Suedtirol has to offer. As a result, this annual event has become a “must-attend” experience for music enthusiasts.

The Base Camp at Kapuzinerpark

One significant development since the lockdown is the establishment of a Base Camp at Kapuzinerpark, a small park in central Bolzano. This space hosts concerts every night, providing a focal point for festival-goers. On the first night, the audience enjoyed performances from three distinct bands:

  • Pindio – A Spanish quartet led by Juan Saiz, playing flute, soprano saxophone, and tenor. The group delivered an intense show with strong interactions between the instruments.
  • Kid Be Kid and Leila Martial – A duo consisting of Berlin-based singer/pianist/beatboxer Kid Be Kid and French singer Leila Martial, who employs special effects to create a unique sound. The pair’s performance saw them gradually build a rapport, resulting in a mesmerizing musical conversation.
  • Sinularia – A guitar/bass/drums trio from Berlin, part of the same collective as Kid Be Kid. The group’s unpredictable “wonky beats” kept the audience on their toes.

La Litanie des Cimes: A Perfect Fit for Suedtirol

La Litanie des Cimes, a French trio featuring clarinet, violin, and cello, demonstrated the festival’s knack for selecting music that complements the natural surroundings. Their minimalist sound, infused with folk, African, and jazz influences, captivated audiences in the wooded area around Jenesien and later in an old silver and lead mine above Vipiteno/Sterzing, now functioning as an outdoor museum.

Kapuzinerpark’s Main Event: Oliphantre

At the main evening gig, Oliphantre showcased their talents to an eager crowd. Vocalist Leila Martial displayed her impressive range, while guitarist Francesco Diodati demonstrated why he remains a festival favorite.

An Intense Solo and a Late-Night Fusion

The first weekend of Suedtirol Jazz Festival 2023 concluded with two memorable performances:

  • Seb Brun – A powerful solo drum project called “Ak Ker,” which can be translated as “My home is my castle” in Breton. Brun’s performance began with a simple beat and gradually built to fill the entire space.
  • ‘t’ – A mesmerizing late-night project blending piano and tablas through the live mixing of Tommaso Rosati, who also provided imaginative lighting effects. Samuele Strufaldi’s piano playing was augmented by robot-assisted techniques, offering a fascinating fusion of traditional and experimental music.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3, which will provide further insights into the unforgettable experiences that the 2023 Suedtirol Jazz Festival has to offer.

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