Summer Jazz Camp Scotland: A New Opportunity for Aspiring Jazz Musicians (7-11 August)

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Discover the latest initiative designed to instill a passion for jazz in young musicians, led by renowned trumpeter Ryan Quigley and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama’s Head of Jazz, Andrew Bain.

A Unique Learning Experience at Wiston Lodge

This summer, a talented team of tutors will host a five-day jazz summer camp in South Lanarkshire, from 7th to 11th August. The camp will be held at Wiston Lodge, a picturesque Victorian hunting lodge situated near Biggar in the Pentland Hills. The course offers tuition from highly experienced players, including two former Young Scottish Jazz Musicians of the Year who have since found international success as recording artists.

Ryan Quigley, an accomplished trumpeter, and Andrew Bain, the newly appointed Head of Jazz at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, will lead the team of tutors. According to Quigley, the tutors are “a highly qualified and talented group who can give students the tools they need to become confident and expressive musicians.” Quigley’s own touring and recording credits include work with notable artists such as Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin, Michael Buble, Ron Carter, George Michael, and Burt Bacharach.

The Power of Jazz for Personal and Artistic Growth

Quigley believes that jazz music is an effective tool for fostering personal and artistic development. He and his tutors will work tirelessly to instill a passion for jazz within their students, imbuing them with the self-belief necessary to improvise, collaborate, and perform with ease. The course curriculum will cover all aspects of jazz music, ranging from fundamental jazz theory to advanced techniques in big band and ensemble playing. As Quigley says, “Above all, we want students to enjoy playing jazz and to feel a sense of achievement in their own playing and in playing with other musicians.”

Meet the Tutors

In addition to Quigley and Bain, students will have the opportunity to learn from saxophonist Helena Kay, who recently released her second album, Golden Sands, to considerable critical acclaim. The piano tutor, Tom Gibbs, boasts playing and recording experience with musicians from both sides of the Atlantic. Double bassist Andrew Robb, like Kay, is a former Young Scottish Jazz Musician of the Year, and now serves as a senior lecturer at Leeds College of Music.

An Inspiring Environment for Growth

Located within the beautiful natural surroundings of Wiston Lodge, the summer camp aims to provide an inspiring environment for students. As Quigley notes, “The accommodation is ideal, and the food is all about balance and nutrition. Everything is set up so that students can get the most out of the experience.”

For more information and to enroll, visit the Summer Jazz Camp Scotland website.

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