Supersonic Festival 2023, Birmingham

supersonic festival birmingham


Supersonic Festival 2023 returns to Digbeth, Birmingham, showcasing a diverse line-up of artists and bands that defy categorization. The festival is known for its radical, inclusive, and empowering mindset, attracting music enthusiasts of all ages. This article highlights the performances, uniqueness, and ongoing cultural significance of the festival in its 20th year.

Notable Performances

Agathe Max and Jessica Moss

Violinists Agathe Max and Jessica Moss offered contrasting sets that featured densely layered violin loops. Max also participated in Ondata Rossa, a supergroup of improvising composers. Meanwhile, Moss performed with the trio Big | Brave, reminiscent of the experimental rock group SWANS.

75 Dollar Bill and Ex-Easter Island Head

US duo 75 Dollar Bill entertained the audience with their no-wave afrobeat sound while Ex-Easter Island Head, a quartet from Liverpool, played guitars mounted on keyboard stands. Their unique style of modernism captivated the audience throughout their set.

Lankum, Godflesh, and Others

Dublin quartet Lankum blended contemporary electronica and traditional Irish folk, while Birmingham duo Godflesh showcased their industrial metal sound. Other notable acts included Deerhoof, Hey Colossus, and Oxbow, who all pushed the boundaries of rock music.

Birmingham’s Influence on Improvisation

Birmingham has a rich history of improvisational music, with artists like Soweto Kinch and Xhosa Cole emerging from the city. The festival’s line-up reflects this heritage, from the space-rock sounds of un.procedure to the captivating experimental metal of Ashenspire.

Absent Performer: Matana Roberts

Unfortunately, Matana Roberts had to cancel her performance due to testing positive for COVID-19. Her COIN COIN series, which combines sound art, literature, music, history, and visual material, would have been a perfect fit for Supersonic Festival’s diverse offerings.

Supersonic: A Pioneering Festival

Supersonic Festival has consistently led the way in promoting gender representation, safe spaces for gender and sexuality, and the creative economy of solo artists and DJs. The festival also serves as an example of how to navigate gentrification while maintaining its unique cultural identity. In a time of cultural unrest, Supersonic Festival continues to stand as a beacon of progressivism and artistic innovation.

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