Tingvall Trio: Celebrating 20 Years and New Album “Birds”

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The Tingvall Trio, a multi-award-winning group based in Hamburg, consists of Swedish pianist Martin Tingvall, Cuban bassist Omar Rodriguez Calvo, and German drummer Jürgen Spiegel. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary together and the release of their new album, Birds. The album, composed by Tingvall and developed together with the trio in just three days, has already taken Europe by storm, entering the overall German album charts at #21.

20 Years of Tingvall Trio

The trio has been together for 20 years with the same line-up, which is an impressive achievement. Their secret to longevity is the joy they find in playing together and the strong friendship they have developed over the years. As they continue to play music together, their trust in each other grows, and they continually become more daring in their musical endeavors.

Evolution of Their Musical Style

Over the past two decades, the Tingvall Trio’s musical style has evolved and branched out. Their first album, Skagerrak, released in 2006, had a more significant influence from Scandinavian jazz. Now, their music explores elements from various genres, such as world music, classical, pop, and film music.

Communicating Through Music

Despite being from different countries and speaking different mother tongues, the trio communicates effectively through their music. Their universal language transcends verbal communication, allowing them to play with their ears, bodies, and rhythmic and musical reactions.

Highlights and Upcoming Plans

When asked about the highlights of their career, Tingvall recalls playing the song “Vägen” at a sold-out show in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2011. The audience spontaneously joined in, singing a four-part harmony, creating a memorable moment for the trio.

In the coming months, the Tingvall Trio will be touring Europe, starting in Switzerland and Germany. They are excited to share their new album, Birds, with their audience during the performances.

Birds: The New Album

The inspiration for the album Birds came from listening to birdsong in Sweden during the pandemic. Tingvall aimed to imitate the birds and develop melodies based on their songs. As he listened more, he realized that birds represent more than just beautiful sounds – they reflect the changing climate and global issues we currently face.

The album was recorded in Italy over two days, with a third day dedicated to experimenting with new sounds and ideas. Tracks from the album, such as “A Call for Peace” and “SOS”, reflect the global challenges we face and the messages conveyed through birds’ songs and migration patterns.

Looking Forward

As they embark on their European tour and celebrate 20 years together, the Tingvall Trio sees their musical journey as an ongoing adventure. They continue to explore new sounds and ideas, always looking for ways to surprise and delight their audience. With their strong bond and love for music, the trio’s future looks bright as they continue to evolve and share their unique sound with the world.

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