Velvet Revolution: “Message in a Bubble” – A Musical Evolution

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A Chamber-Jazz Ensemble’s Journey to Distinction

The Velvet Revolution, a European chamber-jazz ensemble consisting of Daniel Erdmann, Théo Ceccaldi, and Jim Hart, has seen tremendous growth since their earlier albums, “A Short Moment Of Zero G” (2016) and “Won’t Put No Flag Out” (2019). Their latest album, “Message in a Bubble”, released by BMC Records, has undoubtedly accelerated their progress towards becoming one of the most distinctive chamber-jazz ensembles in Europe.

Daniel Erdmann

Théo Ceccaldi

Jim Hart

Bringing Unique Skills and Styles to the Table

Saxophonist Daniel Erdmann, vibraphonist Jim Hart, and violinist Théo Ceccaldi each bring something special to the Velvet Revolution. Erdmann, born in 1973 in Wolfsburg, is known for his skill and stylistic surprises. Drawing from classic traditions and pushing towards freedom, he has a unique take on post-Coltrane chromaticism. Virtuoso Jim Hart follows in the footsteps of Gary Burton, while Théo Ceccaldi is considered one of the most compelling violinists of the past decade, alongside Adam Bałdych.

A Creative, Open-Form Album

“Message in a Bubble” consists of nine original pieces, with writing credits shared evenly among the trio. The compositions are open-form, allowing for flexibility and reshaping as the music unfolds.

Ceccaldi’s opening piece, “Maybe Tomorrow,” demonstrates the trio’s synergy. Hart’s marimba-like ostinato sets a reflective tone, gradually increasing in intensity as Erdmann and Hart perform their solos. The growth feels natural, with each member contributing to the seamless interlocking of parts.

Playfulness and Nostalgia

Throughout the album, the listener is treated to a range of emotions and influences. Erdmann’s “Drunk With Happiness” playfully explores a folk-blues pattern before culminating in a grandiose nod to Ellington. Hart’s “The Velvet Tango” carries a nostalgic air, reminiscent of Mood Indigo, while his lyrical solo evokes pure romance.

There’s a hint of Monk in the mysterious “Mumble Jumble,” as Erdmann’s thrilling solo bursts through once the challenging theme is unraveled. Ceccaldi soars above a complex web of intertwined riffs in “Cache Cache,” and “Danke, wirklich Danke!” showcases the trio navigating various atmospheric moods before reaching a strikingly clear conclusion.

The album ends with Hart’s “The Only Solution,” leaving the listener wondering what direction the trio will take next.

Experience the Album

If you’re interested in experiencing the Velvet Revolution’s “Message in a Bubble,” visit BMC Records’ website to learn more and listen to the album.

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