Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks: A Timeless Celebration of Early Jazz

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Take a journey through the vibrant world of early jazz with Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks, an ensemble that has been meticulously recreating the sound of 1920s and ’30s big band music for nearly half a century.

A Passion for Authenticity

Vince Giordano, a multi-instrumentalist and bandleader, is renowned for his deep knowledge and rigorous approach to recreating the authentic sound of early jazz. The Nighthawks, comprised of talented musicians, match Giordano’s intensity and attention to detail, bringing the music of a bygone era to life with passion and precision.

A Wide-Ranging Repertoire

The Nighthawks’ performances showcase the depth and richness of pre-war American music, drawing from the works of legendary musicians like King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, and Duke Ellington. Their setlists include iconic tunes such as “West End Blues,” “Blue Turning Gray Over You,” and “Ring Dem Bells,” as well as lesser-known gems like “Swamp Fire” and “Harlem River Quiver.”

Captivating Performances

Giordano and The Nighthawks ensure that their music is accessible and engaging for both jazz aficionados and newcomers alike. Their performances are marked by a blend of meticulous musicianship and infectious energy that make the audience feel as though they are experiencing the music in its heyday.

A Commitment to the Future

While the Nighthawks’ music may transport listeners to a different time, Giordano is looking firmly towards the future. He encourages audiences to introduce younger generations to this timeless music, ensuring its continued appreciation and enjoyment for years to come.

A Living Tribute

The Nighthawks’ dedication to authenticity and lively performances set them apart from other ensembles exploring early jazz. They expertly bridge the past and the present, ensuring that the music of legendary jazz pioneers lives on, captivating and inspiring new generations of listeners.

Visit Vince Giordano’s website for more information and upcoming performances.

Find out about The Nighthawks’ regular engagements at Birdland in New York City.

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