Wynton Marsalis at Buxton International Festival

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Wynton Marsalis headlined Buxton International Festival’s 2nd season of jazz performances, accompanied by some of the UK’s top early jazz style artists. The concert showcased the continued growth and relevance of early jazz and Marsalis’ undoubted impact on its preservation.

A Stellar Lineup

The ensemble included outstanding musicians such as Alan Barnes, Dan Higham, Joe Webb, Will Sach, and Will Cleasby. Each contributed their unique flair and skill to create a balanced and engaging performance.

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Alan Barnes

Alan Barnes provided soulful, lyrical presence as both clarinettist and alto saxophonist. His experience and skill shone through during the performance of Ray Noble’s ‘Cherokee’ at a fast tempo.

Will Sach and Will Cleasby

Bassist Will Sach and drummer Will Cleasby formed the backbone of the ensemble, bringing a solid foundation of swing and creativity. Their solos showcased intriguing musicality and individuality while remaining rooted in the idiom’s traditional style.

Dan Higham

Dan Higham, the youngest member of the group, impressed with his strong and resonant trombone playing. His control of timbre and up-tempo blowing made a lasting impact on the audience.

Joe Webb

Joe Webb’s piano playing delighted the crowd with extraordinary moments, including some of the best left-hand stride techniques. His ability to incorporate modern influences without losing the spirit of the traditional sound was truly remarkable.

Marsalis, the Leader

Wynton Marsalis’ sound remains a phenomenon that cannot be fully captured in recordings. Witnessing him live reveals the real magic of his music and the breadth of his abilities. His work with fellow musicians is truly something that must be seen and heard to be believed.

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