Yellowjackets at Ronnie Scott’s: A Night to Remember

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The American Jazz Experience in the UK

American groups sometimes face challenges while performing in the UK, such as long travel distances, unfamiliar accents, and adapting to the local culture. However, the Yellowjackets, a well-known American jazz fusion group, were able to overcome these difficulties and deliver an outstanding performance at Ronnie Scott’s on July 26, 2023.

A Review by Saxophonist Aaron Liddard

Aaron Liddard, a saxophonist and bandleader, shares his experience of attending the Yellowjackets’ live performance at Ronnie Scott’s. According to Liddard, the musicians put on a heartwarming and delightful gig, reaching beyond their logistical nightmares to provide an inspiring and uplifting show.

The Band Members’ Performances

Bob Mintzer: The Noble Tenor

Bob Mintzer, Yellowjackets’ tenor saxophonist and EWI player, is known for his extraordinary skills and passionate performances. At Ronnie Scott’s, Mintzer played what was needed to evoke emotions and honor the music while also showcasing his virtuosity on the instrument.

Will Kennedy: The Master of Space

The band’s drummer, Will Kennedy, is praised for his ability to create an immense groove with minimal sound. His expertise in using space allows for a more inventive, imaginative, and spiritual musical experience, lifting the Yellowjackets to new heights.

Russell Ferrante: The Joyful Pianist

Russell Ferrante, the band’s pianist, exudes joy and energy throughout his performance. His dynamic interplay on the piano and keyboard, combined with his positive demeanor, adds excitement and fun to the complex musical pieces.

Dane Alderson: The New Guy Finding Balance

Dane Alderson, the band’s relatively new bassist, has been on a journey to find the sweet spot between pushing the band to new heights and maintaining a minimalist approach. At Ronnie Scott’s, Alderson achieved balance, playing gently while putting every essence of emotion into each note, resulting in a unified and balanced performance.

The Greatest Hits and Beyond

During the second half of their set, the Yellowjackets treated the audience to a “mega-mix” of their greatest hits, showcasing their versatility from the sweetest ballads to powerful fusion pieces. The band played with vigor and enthusiasm, leaving the audience mesmerized by their performance.

A Memorable Night of Jazz

In summary, the Yellowjackets’ performance at Ronnie Scott’s proved to be a memorable night for both the audience and the musicians. Despite the challenges faced by the band in their travels, they managed to deliver an inspiring and uplifting show, stealing victory from the jaws of defeat. For Aaron Liddard, this was the most uplifting and inspiring performance he has seen from the Yellowjackets in his five times attending their concerts.

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