Yussef Dayes – ‘Black Classical Music’: A Creative Blend of Genres

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Yussef Dayes is a prodigiously talented drummer who has been making waves in the music scene with his unique blend of jazz, electronic music, and elements of dance and dub. His debut solo album, titled “Black Classical Music”, showcases Dayes’ wide range of influences and skills, as well as his dedication to music education and the next generation of musicians.

A Musical Journey Through Various Styles

“Black Classical Music” is a dense and sprawling album, with 19 tracks that veer between various styles and approaches. The album as a whole is very much a studio creation, utilizing the tools of production and performance to create an engaging sonic experience.

Dayes’ influences range from contemporary jazz to electronic music, with intricate drumming patterns that showcase a knowledge of various musical developments. The album also serves as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of jazz as a genre, with Dayes exploring new ways of engaging with contemporary music.

The Importance of Drums and Bass

If there is one common thread running through “Black Classical Music”, it is the exploration of the relationship between drums and bass guitar in creating engaging grooves. The music often feels like dance or dub, with the bass acting as a frontline instrument and various keyboard sounds and melodies shifting and changing above the core rhythm tracks.

Some standout tracks include “Raisins Under The Sun”, featuring Shabaka Hutchings, and “Chasing The Drum”, which is driven by a West African groove. The patient unfolding of “Tioga Pass” combines many of Dayes’ musical interests into one simmering epic.

A Range of Drumming Styles

Dayes’ drum parts vary from complex and agitated, as seen in “The Light”, to notably restrained, such as in “Bird Of Paradise”. The album’s produced nature can sometimes feel a bit stifling, with some listeners yearning for more explicit interaction and intensity. However, Dayes’ emphasis on groove and mood connects well with audiences, creating an immersive and mesmerizing experience.

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