Zoe Rahman “Colour of Sound” Album Launch at Kings Place

zoe rahman album launch

Zoe Rahman Octet performed at Kings Place Hall One for the “Colour of Sound” album launch on September 6, 2023. The event was a sell-out, likely due to several factors, including Zoe Rahman’s reputation for lively and rewarding concerts, solid support from the Meetup group, and effective marketing by Kings Place and ECN Music.

A Special Occasion

The album launch was an extraordinary event, especially for Rahman, who made sure that family, friends, her first piano teacher at Junior RAM, and her devoted community from her children’s school in Barnet were present. She put in a considerable effort leading up to the performance by arranging most of the program to be played by her full octet, specifically assembled for that night.

Rahman has stated that “every show feels like a celebration, and this music reflects that.” The audience witnessed the truth of that statement through the contrasting emotions and uplifting tunes in her compositions. For example, the quiet happiness of “Peace Garden” led seamlessly into the township vibe of “Conversation with Nellie,” filling the concert hall with joy.

Set List

  1. Dance of Time
  2. For Love
  3. Little Ones
  4. Sweet Jasmine
  5. Peace Garden
  6. Conversation with Nellie


  1. Roots
  2. Go with the Flow
  3. Maya
  4. Unity

ENCORE: Red Squirrel

Band Members

  • Zoe Rahman – piano/composition/directing
  • Rowland Sutherland (flute/alto flute)
  • Helena Kay (alto sax)
  • Idris Rahman (clarinet/ tenor sax)
  • Alex Ridout (or) Byron Wallen
  • Rosie Turton (trombone)
  • Alec Dankworth (bass)
  • Gene Calderazzo (drums)
Forthcoming Tour Dates
  • 12 September – Dorking, Watermill Jazz Club
  • 21 September – Birmingham, Midland Arts
  • 28 September – Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music
  • 13 October – Liverpool, The Tung Auditorium

For more information about the album and Rahman’s performances, you can read Mike Collins’s album review and Lavender Sutton’s concert review from 2021 at Frith Manor School.

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