Jeppe Zeeberg: “Occasionally, Good Things Do Happen” and Touring

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Just around four years ago, the album “Universal Disappointment” by the young Danish pianist Jeppe Zeeberg intrigued its listeners with its unique and lively rhythm. Since then, Zeeberg has released two more albums, one of which is a solo piano variation based on Haydn’s Arietta. His newest album, the eighth in his discography, is just as innovative and dynamic.

New Album: “Occasionally, Good Things Do Happen”

Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, Zeeberg’s latest album features his regular band, The Absolute Pinnacle of Human Achievement, and several guest musicians. He describes the music as “life-affirming music for fucked-up times.” The album is a fusion of various musical styles, including vaudeville, heavy rock riffs, improv, broken rhythms, and spoken word. Throughout the album, multiple melodies and styles engage with one another, creating a vibrant, humorous, and witty atmosphere.

Example Track: “Puritanical Pleasures”

One of the shorter tracks, “Puritanical Pleasures,” is a prime example of Zeeberg’s ingenuity. The track starts with a catchy guitar and electronic keyboard melody, reminiscent of a 1960s sitcom intro. Afterward, a heavy rock riff from the full band takes over, followed by a country music tune. The first melody returns, followed by a new bass melody, leading back to the riff. A distorted country style segues back to the initial melody, and a computer-generated voice suggests checking out another of Zeeberg’s albums. All of this happens within three minutes!

Upcoming UK Tour

In October, Zeeberg will embark on a UK tour as a duo with fellow Copenhagen Rhythmic Music Conservatory graduate, saxophonist Laura Toxværd. They are scheduled to appear at the Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music on October 6th and at the MAC in Birmingham on October 10th. This duo promises to be different from Zeeberg’s albums, but no less inventive.

Band Members & Guests

The Absolute Pinnacle of Human Achievement features:

  • Henrik Olsson (guitar)
  • Casper Nyvang Rask (bass, guitar)
  • Søren Høi (drums, perc)
  • Jeppe Zeeberg (piano, organ, synth)

Guest musicians include:

  • Julie Kjær (flute, sax)
  • Ned Ferm (sax)
  • Erik Kimestad (trumpet)
  • Petter Hängsel (trombone, recorder)
  • Jonas Graverholt (perc)
  • Oliver Laumann (drums)

Overall, Zeeberg’s music is thrilling, humorous, absurd, and at times exhausting, but always engaging and never boring.

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